How to Borrow Quick Credit – SMScredit

If you are not registered then click on the “do not register” button or choose the amount and repayment term of the quick loan and click on the button “get fast credit” – You will be offered two options: Log in to your profile or register. Click the register button and fill in the required fields. Your profile: re-enter your full name, social security number, mobile phone, email, password and password. Actual address: Enter the county / city, street, house, apartment (if you do not live in a private house) and zip code. Please note below whether your place of residence is the same as or different from your actual address. If your declared place of residence differs from the actual address, fill in the fields in the declared address. Please indicate below whether you would like to receive paper bills by mail or accept newsletters from SMScredit, or have read, understood and agree to the terms of the loan (the latter is a mandatory field to be ticked after reading the contract below).

If you’ve done everything right, you should jump to the following statement:

If you

You will also receive a letter of successful registration with instructions on how to complete or confirm your registration. Registration can be completed by transferring one cent (0.01 USD) from your bank account to SMScredit bank account.

IMPORTANT: When making a payment, enter the text below in the payment, otherwise your registration will not be accepted: “I confirm registration No. YOUR PHONE NUMBER and I accepted the SMScredit loan agreement terms “

Enter your phone number you provided at the time of registration at your phone number.

You will be notified by SMS and will receive a letter to your email address regarding successful registration. An SMS with a WEB code will be sent to your phone number, which you will need to enter on the website to complete the credit application. You will receive the web code after confirming your registration or transferring 0.01 USD to your SMScredit account.

If the application is approved and the quick credit is granted, the money will be transferred to your bank account in a few minutes. You will also be informed by SMS and email from

Wait for money transfer from SMScredit

Wait for money transfer from SMScredit

You will receive money in your bank account in a few minutes. If you have an SMS bank that notifies you of money transfers, you know that SMS itself arrives a few minutes late, but money transfer is made much faster.

Who can get a quick credit:

You must register your bank account in order to apply for credit.

In order to get a loan you must be a resident of Latvia aged 20-75.

In order to get a loan, you must have no overdue loan or debt.

To get a loan you need an account with a Latvian bank and an active mobile phone connection.