Fast credit up to USD 20,000.

Fast credit is issued to companies that are important to the growth of the company. If you and your company need additional cash, a good solution is quick credit for companies. Quick credit is available from $ 500 to $ 20,000 with a particularly beneficial repayment schedule.

The amount of a quick loan to a company depends on the amount of revenue it receives from payment cards. If your company uses payment cards, then this fast credit might be right for your business. The amount of quick credit for your business depends on the monthly turnover of the POS terminal. POScredit quick loan issuer offers companies fast credit up to 20 000 lats. POScredit issues quick loans on a case-by-case basis. The amount of money you wish to borrow may not exceed the monthly turnover of the POS terminal.

Quick loan amount for your company

Quick loan amount for your company

For example, if your company’s payment card income is $ 500 per month, you can get a quick credit of up to $ 500. payment card income is USD 1500 per month, then you can get instant credit up to USD 1500. is $ 2650 a month, then you can get a quick credit of up to $ 2650. As already mentioned, each company is evaluated individually. The scope of the company, the age of the company and other important things are evaluated. A POS terminal that has been in operation for at least 3 months is the key to getting a fast credit for a company.

Fast credit to a company with no repayment term

Your Quick Credit will be repaid gradually from your payment card earnings. You will agree on what percentage of the card turnover you will use to repay the loan. It’s quite simple. The customer in your company pays with the payment card – the% you choose goes to POScredit and part remains in your company. The more often customers pay with a payment card, the sooner the credit will be repaid. It should aUSDo be noted that your company has the right to repay the loan faster.

Quick credit is issued within a few days, but is only refunded when the company starts receiving money from its payment card customers.

The POS terminal must be linked to Vitaler Bank. If your company has another POS terminal, then switch to POS terminal for Vitaler POS terminal. POScredit is ready to help you switch your terminal to Vitaler Bank.