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I gathered the decoration material!  It is!
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heart Pictograms ... a lot of cute emoji 笙ェ heart Chibi Decoration ... Emoticons and messages got united !
Emoticons Chibi Decoration
heart Poem picture ... 笙ェ can also be presented to the valuable friends and lovers 笙ェ
heart Geisha deco ... I gathered realistic entertainers Deco 笙ェ I will boast to my friends 繝ス ('竏€ `*) 繝�
heart Emoticons Deco ... There are many from pretty emoticons to targeted uke emoticons (!?) D (ホス v `*)
heart Illustration Deco ...Animals cute illustrations ツキ messages Decorations 笘� 蠖。
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(C) I collected the decorative material!

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